Step 1 - Connect your wallet (MAIAR)

1.1 Make sure you are on EVOLOAD official website ( and click on 'BUY EVLD' button to enter on 'PRIVATE SALE' page

1.2 Click 'CONNECT WALLET' button on desktop. Or tap 'LOGIN' button on mobile.

1.3 Choose one of the available wallet connection provided.

1.4 Insert the password and your wallet will be connected.

Step 2 - Buy EVLD

2.1 Before any action, please make sure you have enough USDC or EGLD tokens in your wallet and minimum 0.00000000001 EGLD, which will be used for gas transaction.

2.2 Choose with caution one of the available package.
NOTE: You can buy one of the packages just one time.

2.3 Click on the desired package button, check your wallet and sign the transaction. 10% of the EVLD tokens will be sent to your wallet.
NOTE: If you don't have enough USDC or EGLD, the transaction will fail and gas will be consumed.
NOTE: Other 90% of the tokens will be claimed during the vesting time, after 6 months.

Step 3 - Vesting Time

3.1 After buying process, you can navigate to the 'MY ACCOUNT' page and check the 'WALLET BALANCE' section to make sure you have 10% of EVLD tokens.

3.2 Check 'VESTING PROGRESS' section for more info about vesting, also please check 'NEXT UNLOCK' field, this will display when next claim will be available.

3.3 When unlocking is ready, time will expire and you can click claim button, so 5% of the tokens will be sent to your wallet.
NOTE: Claim button will be available every month during the vesting time.
NOTE: You can check Tokenomics page to find more informations about vesting.


NOTE: This action is required if you have assets on Ethereum blockchain and you would like to bridge USDC from there.


1. You need to have Metamask Wallet installed in your browser.

2. You need to have Maiar installed.

3. You need to have USDC in your Metamask wallet.

NOTE: We strongly recommend to use PC for this process.

NOTE: Blockchain Ehereum only has bridge to Elrond Blockchain.

Step 1

Go to the Elrond's bridge - Ad Astra Portal.

Step 2

Select the amount of the USDC you want to bridge and click 'Connect Source Wallet'.

Step 3

Connect Metamask Wallet and Maiar Wallet to the bridge and click on 'Confirm swap' button.